New! Disqus Comment System and Linky Alternative

by Lisa Douglas


I had begun a poll in my sidebar with a proposition of using a new comment system here at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. However, I removed the poll and went ahead with the new system anyway, particularly because I wanted so desperately to interact with all of you the best and easiest way.

Before this new system (aka Blogger’s default comment system), if you left a comment, I would have to email you to respond to you (if you leave your email address, that is, and if I wasn’t behind on emailing my commenters *cough*) since Blogger didn’t thread responses (putting my reply under your comment). Replying to my commenters was also made difficult particularly if you don’t leave your email address by having it in your Blogger profile.

Let’s not forget to mention that others commenting were not being able to see our exchange via email, either, which then excludes them from replying and being involved in our conversation.

So I chose Disqus. (You may recognize this comment system is on My Charming Kids, Mashable,, among others) This is my first post using the comment system, I hope it works! (Wanna leave me a comment to see?)

With Disqus I can respond to you, which shoots you off an email to let you know I’ve responded. You can respond back, others can respond to you, you can respond to them or their comments, and we’re all chatting! 🙂 Plus, you can rate comments AND access your old comments logging into their website! You can create a profile that people can see when they hover over your name. We also have a community page, too!

How cool is that?

Also, for tomorrow’s To Do Tuesday, I’ll be using a MisterLinky alternative called MckLinky. Please feel free to participate and join us in linking up!

Now, would you mind commenting on this post to try out Disqus for me?

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