Apparently, I’m a Racist?

by Lisa Douglas

This morning was one in which my stomach was (is) tied eleventy-billion times over, worrying about my husband jumping out of a perfectly good airplane today, all while the flurries in my belly awoke to an all-time high, heart heavy with grief over Anissa and her family. There was excessive traffic this morning, much like the thoughts flooding my mind and heart about how Anissa is doing and whether my husband has jumped and landed safely. I almost made Super M late to school, and couldn’t help but think about Peter, Anissa’s husband, how he did this morning in getting their children off to school on time. After immediately logging onto Twitter to find any updates, I went about checking my email, and received a Facebook message calling me a “racist” for this post.

{insert screeching tire sound here}

Yes, you read that correctly. Here is the message in full, awful spelling and punctuation errors kept in tact despite my desperately wanting to fix them, but names were withheld to protect the, well.. whatever you want to call her:

Hi Lisa,

My name is (name withheld), I suppose you ended up on my facebook page because you were mutual friends with my husband, (name withheld). I beleive you both went to (name withheld) High School together.

Lisa, Facebook is an intimate place where prople share photes and update with “friends” about what is going on in there lives. I found your comments on live feed offensive. Facebook is no place to discuss weather or not the my children look like me or not. They are mine…I bore them for 9 months…and gave birth to them. I love them as much as you love your scottish children.

Also, If you know “(name withheld)” you know they don’t look exactly like him either. But, they are ours and we love them dearly and not only that they are beautiful gifts from God.

In the future, if you have nothing good to say, it’s best to keep ypur comments to yourself.

Your comments felt racist and inconsiderate and appeared on my Facebook page where my frends, family and anyone searching for me will see you and you friend making light and taking away from what my Facebook Page is really about….

Just wanted to share this….

Have a Blessed Day,

(name withheld)

Gobsmacked. GOBSMACKED! How in the world is discussing my children’s resemblances make me a racist? Anyone want to tell me, because I must’ve missed the memo?

My flabberghasted response to (name withheld):

(name withheld)-

I don’t know you, I don’t know (name withheld), and you most certainly don’t know me to think anything I said was “racist” in any way, shape, or form. I’m uncertain how my live feed ended up on your page since we aren’t friended, nor are your husband and myself, so I suppose that’s something you’ll have to take up with Facebook, as I will as soon as I’m done with this message.

I’m a blogger, a writer, and I’m well aware of what Facebook is and what it does, it connects me to readers of my blog and friends I’ve made through writing. If you know anything about me and my blog at all (which you obviously don’t), you’d know that I’m a parenting HUMOR writer. HUMOR, as in funny, ha-ha, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic. I in no way insulted my kids or anyone else, least of all with racist comments, you can read in the comments the responses from people who understand what I meant. Click around and see if you like, I very much love and admire each of my SIX children (or else, why would I have that many?!) and that I try to find the humor and light in everything, as parenting is serious business enough and I do my best to maintain a smile and a laugh and help others to do so as well.

I won’t apologize for “tainting” your Facebook feed since I didn’t put MY post there. As far as “having nothing nice to say” and keeping comments to “myself”, you might want to take a dose of your own medicine.

I am appalled, to say the least. In this day and age I am equally as disturbed that racism still exists as she or anyone is, but to go as far as to take time out to email a person (me) calling them (me) a racist for something as infinitesimal as whining about children resembling their dad, is not only ludicrous, but moronic.

When does this end? When is the walking-on-egg-shells, be-careful-what-you-say, you’re-not-allowed-to-say-the-Pledge-of-Allegiance-in-school-anymore, socially-responsible, politically-correct mumbo-jumbo going to stop? I say, let’s forget all of that crap and go back to governing by the Golden Rule – if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, and treat others the way you, yourself, would like to be treated. Period.

(P.S. Anyone know how to go about contacting Facebook? I want to find out exactly how my “racist” post appeared on her page if we aren’t connected in any way, to ensure I don’t receive anymore hate mail from anyone else. You know, in case I spout of “racist remarks” again about my children’s looks. {snicker})

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