30 Day Shred Results

by Lisa Douglas

Here it is, my 30 Day Shred Results!

The month of March was a test of wills. A test to see if I could hack it with Jillian pushing me to work hard while she made me drip sweat into my eyes. If I could do the 30 Day Shred, then I could (probably) hang with something as insane as, say, the P90X down the road. {gulp}

It wasn’t easy. Jillian knocked me around a bit. At times I saw my life flashing before my eyes as I jumped, lunged, punched, curled, flung, skated, squatted, and did something made of pure evil called a “Rock Star Jump”. Oh my stars, IHATEITSOMUCH. Yet, I loved how I felt after each work out, so thankful I hung in there.

I can also neither confirm nor deny the usage of foul language at the television screen. I can also not confirm whether it actually came from me or my husband who occasionally joined me. *cough*itwasnotme*cough* {Ahem}

And so, all kidding aside, I share with you my “March ‘O Shred” 30 Day Shred results:

The squinty front view, for your viewing pleasure. Complete with cranky toddler. You’re welcome.
30 Day Shred results
The Popeye side pose. Don’t ask me why, just nod and agree so I don’t feel stupid.
30 Day Shred results
The “butt” pose. I swear my back looks bigger.
30 Day Shred results

Measurements starting date – 2/25/10
Weight – 141
Neck 12.5
upper arm (bicep) 10.5
lower arm 9.25
wrist 6
bust (under your breasts/rib cage) 34
waist (just above belly button) 30
hips (approximately 5 cm lower than your belly button), 37
thigh 21.25
calf 15
ankle 9
shoe 8
shirt m
pants 6-8

Today’s measurements:
Weight 136 = 5 lbs lost
Neck 12.75 (Up .25 from beginning)
upper arm (bicep) 10.125 (down .265 from beginning) x 2 = down .53 both biceps total
lower arm 9 (down .25 total) x 2 = down .5 both lower arms total
wrist 5.875 (down .125) x 2 = down .25 both total
bust (under your breasts/rib cage) 31.5 (Down 2.5 total)
waist (just above belly button) 29 (Down 1 “total”)
hips (approximately 5 cm lower than your belly button) 35.125 ( Down 1.875 total)
thigh 20.5 (Down .75 total) x 2 = down 1.5 both thighs total
calf 14 (Down 1 total) x 2 = down 2 both calves total
ankle 8.5 (Down .5 total) x 2 = down 1 both ankles total
shoe 8
shirt small – medium (Yes, amazing. I bought some smalls recently! SMALLS! AHH!)
pants 6 or {small} (HOLY.CRAP.I.WEAR.A.SMALL.IN.PANTS. AHHHH!!!!)

Total inches lost from beginning of challenge = down 10.905 inches!

I see the measurement changes, and while I see definitely toning, do I look “bigger” to you? Like, I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass, Mr. T kind-of bigger? ‘Cuz she did a number on my shoulders and upper arms, and I don’t want to be a scary mommy on the playground with my kids. Heh.

What’s next? I’m not sure. I don’t know if I’m ready for the P90X to be honest. I think running and yoga, while continuing on Shredding with Jillian (my new BFF) will be my future. I just got a new (to us) double jogging stroller, and we already took it for a spin around the neighborhood with my family. I’m eager to get out more and do more. It seems, though, that my body is getting to a point where it’s stubborn on losing anymore weight. I know there’s more to lose, more to trim, but it’s getting harder to accomplish. I won’t give up, though. All this work to get fit, it’s for life.

Now, tell me about you – what do your 30 Day Shred results look like? Have you tried it yet? How are your weight loss goals coming along? Are you getting ready for the warmer weather already on it’s way? Whatcha you up to?

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