Project You Magazine – Did You See (Me)?

by Lisa Douglas

The folks over at have made absolute magic with a wonderful new magazine called Project You. I feel blessed that I got to be a part of it for their inaugural issue. From their website:

Project You is all about you – joys and challenges you face while also being nurse, confidante, chauffeur, teacher, and mentor to your kids. The bottom line: You’re still “you” with hopes, dreams, and passions. We know that because we’re right there beside you.

This magazine is chock-filled with awesome, I am so honored to take part. I’m on page 19 with my weight loss story, alongside two other lovely women with similar stories, Jenn Mitchell and Dian Farmer. Check it out! (You can read the magazine right here, but it may take a moment or two to load)

Open publication – Free publishingMore role mommy

Isn’t the magazine beautiful? Wonderful? Splendid? Awesome? I think so. Congratulations Beth, you’ve done it again!

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