Settling Into Life

by Lisa Douglas

As the dust begins to besmirch our newly placed furniture, and crumbs can be found on the table at any moment, it is clear that the newness of the house is beginning to wane, and it is becoming more of a home rather than a strange/new place to live that houses our belongings.

My husband has stained/painted our fence a pretty “Redwood” color, and our trampoline has been assembled. (And by “our” trampoline, I mean, the new one we had to buy to replace the old after it was slashed before we moved. Another expense we weren’t expecting.)

The kids have begun taking on their chores once again, with random marks on our white carpet coming up with little-to-no effort, and the pile ‘o laundry still mounts, although is done much faster and more effortlessly with our newly purchased Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer and dryer from Sears.

I’m finding time to work out everyday, too, which is such a huge sanity-saver for me. I’ve dug out the ol’ Wii Fit and EA Sports Active More Workouts and am hitting ’em hard, trying to work off the weight I’ve gained from stress and moving and restaurant eating and traveling and everything else. Especially with the heat so oppressive here, it’s hard to find a decent time to run, I have to find alternatives to get my sweat on, yo.

My husband can’t seem to get real estate and DIY off his brain, he’s gone and found tons of shows to DVR/watch and ideas are floating in every which direction. He’s also discovered a love of Whole Foods (our first duty station with one closeby). Lots of excitement about owning our first home, though.

And delicious, delirious naps from all the excitement.

Her awfully mis-matched outfit caused insta-sleep. I call this one the “Helmet Nap”

I can’t say it enough – we love it here. So very, very much.

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