Belly – 16 Weeks

by Lisa Douglas

It’s kind-of hilarious that I have to keep googling “Pregnancy Calculator” to remind myself how far along I am. I kept up with it for all of about two or three days on my own.

Pregnancy brain sure has struck hard here.

Or maybe it’s that whole being-a-parent-to-eleventy-billion-kids thing.

Or both. {shrug}

Regardless of which it is, though, I seemingly missed my 15 weeks belly shot. (Or, ahem, maybe I didn’t, because there were a few belly shots taken, but they came out weird looking, and decided not to share them. A girl’s got to have standards, y’know.)

I still maintain my belly has a strange squarish look to it. Am I the only one that sees it?

pregnant belly picture 16 weeks

I’m going to update weekly, not only with a belly pic for the duration of this pregnancy, but with my cravings and notable happenings, too.

This week’s cravings have been for vegetables. We have three meatless meals on the menu this week. I’m sure my kids must not be too pleased with me. (Heh.) Currently, I’m scarfing down a bowl of minestrone, and contemplating mugging my fridge for the chopped red and green peppers we used in the meatless taco salad we had two nights ago. (Or, oooh, maybe sauteeing them with some garlic and putting them in an omelette? Who cares if it’s lunch time and in the afternoon?)

I’ve been experiencing a twinge in my back on my left side. (A preggo with back pain? Surely not!) I also thought I felt a knot back there yesterday, too. I did entirely too much cleaning/laundry/organizing yesterday that left my back aching and knees crying. Despite working out, I need to calm it down, yo.

Also? I feel flickers of movement inside. The baby’s dancing in my tummy! Just wish I could feel it on the outside, too, so that I could share the baby’s Macarena with the rest of my family.

Soon, though…

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