Remembering September 11th

I have sat and thought about this for hours, wanting to write where I was, what I was doing, what I was thinking. But nothing seemed right. Nothing seemed fitting. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed. It doesn’t matter where I am, what I am doing, or what I was doing then. What matters is, thousands died 7 years ago today in the worst terrorist attack America has ever seen. A day that, when your President sits before you on National Television to deliver a message about it, and can barely manage to keep his composure, almost succumbing to his own emotions and tears. A day that no one, no matter who you are, can or will ever forget, whether you were there, helping, or someone who escaped and survived, covered in soot and ash, fleeing for your lives, or someone like me, scared, sobbing, and witnessing it on TV an hour north of New York City, wondering if each plane overhead was going to land on me next. This day is a day that is still raw, still emotionally charged. How can it not be? The more I tried to come up with the right words for this post, the more images I tried to find and put to pay proper tribute to this day, the more the tears began to flow, the more I fell more and more back into this day 7 years ago, the more I began to breathe it all back into my heart, a heart that still hasn’t healed from it.

So instead of trying to find the words to amply convey a proper tribute to this day, to those lives lost, I will draw you to a link of a video tribute someone made. The best tribute I’ve ever seen, hands down, with a song that, when played, still draws me into tears in rememberence – Enya’s “Only Time”.

It is a large file to download, but well well worth the time. After all, we still have time left, why not choose to use it and take time out to really remember. We have had seven more years of days to live since, whereas these people didn’t get that opportunity.

I will never forget you.