Fun in the Sun with FabFitFun! #FFFSummer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FabFitFun.

Lisa loves the FabFitFun summer 2016 boxWho doesn’t love getting fun packages in the mail? I TOTALLY DO! *raises hands, legs, errythang!* I liken it to being a kid on Christmas morning, excited to open presents and see what goodies lay before you. Except, instead of gifts under a tree it’s hearing the doorbell ring and having a fun package greeting you right on your doorstep chock-full of awesome goodies. FabFitFun certainly has the “fun package” thing down, right down to the cardboard box it comes in! Look at their FabFitFun summer box!

FabFitFun summer box on doorstep

How cute is this, seriously?

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends out the latest in beauty, wellness, fashion, fitness, and home products every season. Each box is carefully curated for the current season, always includes full-size products, and free shipping. I didn’t know what to expect when it arrived. I have a somewhat limited experience with subscription boxes, so I knew it would have summer-themed items, but what, exactly? But oh! This stuff is really sweet!

Contents of the FabFitFun summer boxI am a lip gloss fanatic, so I dug right on into that and the beach hair spray. Woo, this spray smells FANTASTIC (like newborn baby clothes) and the lip gloss is long-lasting and extra glossy with just a touch of color! 😍😍😍

Everyday Beach Waves Spray and Passport to Beauty Gypset Luminous Lips from FabFitFun Summer boxI couldn’t wait to unravel the yoga towel and check out what mantra was printed on mine. And it seriously couldn’t be more perfect for me.

Summer & Rose Yoga Towel from FabFitFun summer boxHere’s everything I received in this FabFitFun Summer Box of Awesome:

What's in the FabFitFun summer box?

  1. Trina Turk Canvas Tote – $55 (Plus a $50 off coupon of $250 inside)
  2. $35 off coupon for Hello Fresh
  3. FabFitFun summer edition mag with special deals from the sponsors
  4. Summer & Rose Yoga Towel – $36
  5. Betchsicles Ice Pop Molds – $19
  6. FabFitFun Everyday Beach Waves Spray – $18
  7. Stemulation® Daily Micro Derm Scrub – $34 (Plus a 20% off coupon inside)
  8. 2 Burts Bees® BB Cream samples and $3 off coupons
  9. Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream – $48 (Free gift with purchase offer inside)
  10. Passport to Beauty Gypset Luminous Lips – $18 (20% off discount inside)
  11. Sample of Compeed Blister Cushions

Total price value of items in the box (not including discounts and coupons) $228!! Wow! And you get all of this for just $49.99 with a FabFitFun subscription! What a deal, eh?

Want to try it for yourself? FabFitFun is offering a $10 military discount off your first box with code USA54 at!

Fab FIt Fun logo

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fab Fit Fun. The opinions and text are all mine.


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