Easy Dinner Solutions with Jimmy Dean Frozen Entrees (& $50GC Giveaway!) #ShineAnytime

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My husband’s job is at it again – derailing our normal family schedule. The other night, he endured his first “staff duty” here. Staff duty is a 24-hour shift where he and another soldier help to watch over the barracks, which means spending the night at the office. Blerg.

Since he spent the night at the office, he didn’t get to enjoy dinner at home with us. Since daddy wasn’t going to be home, I’d figured we’d just do a “whatever-I-don’t-feel-like-cooking” meal where I’d partake in a salad and bake the kids some chicken nuggets and french fries (easy-peasy). My husband wasn’t too eager to eat chicken nuggets OR my “whatever” salad, and since our leftovers were scarce again, he opened up the freezer for one of these Jimmy Dean® frozen entrees.

Jimmy Dean Delights EntreesHe’s really enjoyed eating the Delights for lunch, and decided to try a different one for dinner.

Jimmy Dean dinners in the freezerHe noticed these new Jimmy Dean dinners in the freezer section at Walmart that are slightly different than the Delights. He couldn’t resist trying this Grilled Steak on a hoagie, and raved at how easy it was to prepare.

Jimmy Dean grilled steak dinnerThere are sixteen different varieties of meals that Jimmy Dean now offers that are beyond breakfast, that include sandwiches (like BBQ Beef and Smoked Sausage), bowls (like Smoked Bacon and Pulled Pork) and varieties of both sandwiches and bowls in their Delights, which are less than 300 calories (like Smoked Turkey and Bacon sandwich, or Hickory Smoked Ham Bowl).

Check out my #ShineAnytime Pinterest Board below that features some of the new Jimmy Dean meals:

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