One Minute to Spare

I’d snuck into our room, seeing her snoring away, mouth agape, nestled like a baby with her legs tucked underneath her, but she’d fallen asleep in her clothes from the day before. It’s okay, I said to myself, I’ll wake her up early so she can shower. It wasn’t like I wasn’t up already with her older siblings, anyway. No big deal.

Unfortunately, our mornings haven’t been running the smoothest in these last few weeks of until summer. We are skating to school just barely on time right now, trying to keep the tardy-free streak alive. Today, as the kids proudly exited the van and blew kisses and waved goodbyes my way, the teacher on the sidewalk checked her watch and yelled “ONE MINUTE!” We’d made it! There was only one minute remaining before they’d retire to the inside to start teaching, leaving the parents in the school drop-off line having to park and walk the kids in. You’d be correct if you’d assumed that I left that parking lot victoriously, cheering to myself in the driver’s seat like I’d won a marathon. These next couple weeks until school ends are going to be the LONGEST EVER. But the streak is still alive, my friends. At least for today, that is.

Her shower took too long, though. In the mornings it’s gotten rougher and tougher to keep them on task, where they daydream about swimming, bike-riding, and jumping on the trampoline in the sprinkler while they eat their breakfast, and it’s hard to get their head out of the (summer) clouds to remind them they still have a few more weeks left.

I sign the backpacks in the mornings, scribbling my half-caffeinated signature on their folders, admiring their colors on the behavior chart, recording their homework and reading times. Today, Baby Dude’s folder has his April Kindergarten journal in it. It made my heart soar.

“I wiggled my tooth. I wiggled it so much that it came out of my mouth.”

wiggle his tooth

“Why did the chicken cross the road (?) Because he is getting chased by the bad ants.”

chicken cross the road

“Yesterday we went outside. I like to do cartwheels.” OHMYGOSH at the picture, ahhh!


“I have new shoes. They are black. They make me fast. I love my shoes. Love (Baby Dude)” (I’ve shared previously about his new shoes on Instagram, he is so proud of them.)

new shoes

I’m looking forward to the summer, sleeping in, days by the pool, and vacation (!!!!), but I’m certainly not looking forward to the “goodbyes” the end of school year brings, especially to these gifted teachers that have guided our children for the last nine months. My eyes fill just thinking about it.

“Mommy, when am I in First Grade?” Baby Dude keeps asking me, knowing the end is close.

“Not yet, baby. Not yet.” But soon, too soon.

In a minute.


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