Froggy Toddler Chasing

Yup, you heard me. Froggy toddler chasing. It’s a fun new game we play here. Here’s how you can play, too, at home:

First, introduce your toddler to a cold. That’s always fun! Encourage her to get a cold however she can. Mucus is a key ingredient to this new fun game! Besides, boogers are always fun to chase after with tissues, scrape off of faces and wipe off of your newborn’s cheeks when your toddler decides to use him as her wiping ground while kissing him, right? Awesome.

Next, fill your humidifier up to help fight said cold, then wake your child up while she’s sleeping in the room it’s in. You’ll find as she wakes and wants to talk, she’ll sound like an 80 year old woman smoking all her life. Oh so much fun!

Begin to chase aforementioned toddler around the house, showing her how you clear your throat, encouraging her to do the same, as she laughs a horrible froggy cackle while running in the complete opposite direction, defying to follow your directions (as if this is any different than any other day).

Continue to do this until:

    a) she clears her throat
    b) she falls down or hits a wall, which will undoubtedly end in a crying fit
    c) you have an asthma attack

C’mon, you know you want to play too!