13 Reasons I Need A New Camera

It. Is. KILLING ME to continue to use this camera. I really need a new one. I have to take better pictures. Time won’t stand still for my babies. Today was a beautiful, hot day in which we went for a walk and to the park, and I thought to myself “I get great shots outside usually, I must’ve gotten great pictures“.. and then I got home. And I didn’t. They could’ve been good. Real good. But no, they’re blurry.

{insert quivering lip here}

(Oh, yes, that’s my son doing a back flip off the swing)
That’s him, being a cool “dude” 😉
Doesn’t she look so small going up that thing?
Would’ve made a great picture of them both, had it not been so blurry 🙁
He even tried his hand at pushing her, but my camera had to do me wrong 🙁
The baby wasn’t. having. it. haha
Forget the swing. I got my daddy. Playin’ on the bench. (Again, could’ve been SO much of a better shot..)

You see, there are times when my camera doesn’t suck. Times when I can sit and aim and wait for it to cough up a good zoom on my subject. Times when it isn’t testing me, when my camera actually decides to take beautiful shots. Like this..
And this..
But when all you want is to capture your baby, lookin’ up at the big, bad storm outside, seeing a downpour for the first time, hearing the thunder roaring while he gazes out the window mystified by it all.. and this is what you get when you snap away..
Or trying to snap that elusive “Cabbage Patch” picture, as he is the B-E-S-T at making that face. Ever.
Blurry. And again blurry here, too..
Hey, at least I got this one, mid giggle..
Well, three out of thirteen isn’t too bad, I guess {face palm}

I should be thankful. I have a gorgeous husband and six beautiful children whom I love more than anything. It’s just time is going by so fast – my teeny will be 7 months old in a few days! I survive by taking pictures of every.waking.moment. so that I can look back and know that I captured it. Without a good camera, I feel like I’m failing.

I have to be honest – I’m almost AFRAID to take the SLR plunge. What if I miss the moment because of too many whoozie-whats-its and doo-hickeys? You know?

But I am SO. TIRED. of Point-and-Shoots messin’ with my kids’ pictures. I want to take the shots that I ooh and ahh over others taking.

Help! What do you recommend? What say you, oh dear readers? I need help!

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