When you get up and go go go from 7:30am on, opening ceremonies, soccer game after soccer game after soccer game, quick lunch to shop to celebrate a birthday party, flying non-stop by the seat of your soccer-mom chair, you eventually get to the icing on top of your day, often unexpected yet, when it arrives it’s like you knew all along.

Ever have one of those, dragged-under-the-bus days, where you literally schlep home wondering if you’ll make it inside before falling asleep? That was my day yesterday. By the time we made it home at 9pm, my body was screaming obscenities at me and the kids were rabid animals, overtired and cranky. But I had just enough energy to flick on the computer, slide in the day’s shots and smile a big smile, reliving moments like this.

Big man stands proud and shy at his first opening ceremony

Or like this.

Scoring a goal for the first time ever (he actually had 3 goals today!)

And especially this.

Delving into a sprinkled chocolate cupcake

Tired after a full day or not, icing on the cake of life is so good.

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