Do You Know What Happens When You Go to Sleep at 9pm?

I didn’t either, until last night. I mean, I’m sure I’ve gone to sleep that early before, probably during an illness, or newborn stage with one of my children. But 9pm is super-duper early. It’s my kids’ bedtime, for crying out loud!

Last night, we were coming home from a day of shopping and having just had dinner at a restaurant, I found myself already having trouble keeping my eyes open in the car ride home. I must’ve dozed off, because before I knew it, we were at the gate to post, and I was shuffling to get my ID out. Then, wham, we were miraculously at the house and I had to stumble my tired body inside.

I felt like a narcolept, like I could’ve gone back to sleep standing up, I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but even with losing weight, eating better, working out, I find myself really tired. Anemia maybe? Last night I just gave in, the baby needed boob, the football game was on, and the couch and heating pad were too delicious to resist for my sleepy eyes.

Has any of you ever experienced something like this?

(P.S. After a full day of flag football, walking around the Fall Fest on Saturday, and Flea Market & Christmas shopping/walking on Sunday, perhaps it was just fresh air!?)

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