Fly-speak for Tired Moms

“I’m going to go put the kids in the car,” my husband called to me with two overly-excited kidlets in tow.

We were going to the store really quick to buy the special birthday present for our Kindergarten Dude. “Okay, honey. I’ll be out in a sec!”

I grabbed my steel water bottle to refill it while popping a few vitamins and filling it to the brim with lovely chilled water from the fridge. I heard a buzz from a fly, apparently stuck somewhere, a fly probably dying because it needs to get out. The buzzing was annoying but I’m on a mission – Operation Birthday Present – and I couldn’t be derailed.

I made my travel coffee mug, my water was poured, but where in the heck is my damn screw top for it? Buzz! It’s not over by the sink.. maybe by the coffee pot? Buzz! Nope. Perhaps by the couch? Nope. The dining room table? Buzz! Grrr, what the heck, where is it?

I was spinning like a dog chasing it’s tail, opening drawers, checking the dishwasher, while the buzz was driving me insane and my kids were happily playing in the yard with my growing-more-impatient-by-the-second-husband who wanted mommy to hurry the heck up. Where. Is. The. @#$*(&@#$ Cap?


For whatever reason, as I was about to leave the kitchen to search the other rooms, again, I looked down. I don’t know why I did it, but I did, and there, there was my top. Buzz!

And then I bent over to pick it up. Buzz! This time, the buzz was louder.

The fly is in my cap.

All this time, the fly was trying to tell me “Over here, it’s over here!” Or “Save me.” (I could be wrong, but then again, I don’t speak fly)

Needless to say, I found the freakin’ cap. And the dang fly annoying me. He’s now buzzing away pissed off in my sink as I had to sanitize the crap out of my cap. Lucky for me, I won’t be here to hear him. Ha! Even luckier for me I found that he was in my cap before I put it on my water bottle…

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