Seattle-Bound, Baby(less)!

4:05am is what I just set my coffee pot to. Holy crap, friends, that is stagger-home-to-bed time to a college student, but in parenting years? That’s about the time you finally begin REM sleep, for crying out loud! My coffee pot is nice and set for 4:05 so that my corpse of a body can schlep over to the already-ready-for-me java when my alarm rings at the very unkind time of 4:15am. One of the very, many reasons I am so excited to be moving to San Antonio in June is to finally, after three years, live closer than AN HOUR to an airport. This way I (hopefully) don’t have to do such an early wake-up for a flight, simply to factor in driving time to get there, ever again.

A one hour drive at ‘O-God-Thirty in the morning. Mega-coffee FTW!

I’m headed to Seattle to Nintendo’s Headquarters (yes, THAT Nintendo). As I’m sure you’re aware, Nintendo launched the new Nintendo 3DS this week, and it’s a launch party with lots of friends, baby! Our itinerary is jam-packed, but I’ll be sharing photos and updates on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow what we’re up to using hashtag #NintendoEnthused on Twitter.

As much as I am looking forward to two solid days without poopie diapers, seeing Seattle and Nintendo’s HQ as well as my friends, I am so not looking forward to 4:15, though.

Or traveling for the first time without Baby Dude.


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