Nervous. Overwhelmed. Excited. Hold me.

Hubby’s creepy smile
about receiving orders

Today we’re going to pile all eleventy-kajillion of our kids in the car to begin an adventure to our soon-to-be new hometown of San Antonio, TX. Six hours and many gray-hairs later, we will meet our USAA-approved realtor for the first time, a lovely woman with eleventy-kajillion kids herself, and brainstorm our “shortlist” of favorited homes to hopefully find our new-to-us home.

I am a huge ball of nerves, friends. This move is way different than any other we’ve ever done. Buying a home is serious.

Sitting here, gazing upon house listing after house listing, envisioning our children in the pictures I see, playing in these backyards, sliding down the stairs on their rear-ends – I can see it as plain as day before me. We are going to see these real-life houses up close, in person, and one of them will hopefully be “our” house. It’s SO hard to quantify that into words, into something tangible and express my excitement, joy, yet nervously overwhelmed feeling of OHMYGODWE’REGONNABEHOMEOWNERS. GAH!

We’ve never done this before. This isn’t how this has worked for us previous moves – the Army says move, and we move – on post. We’ve rented off post before, but whoa, buying? A house? One that will be ours to keep? Whoa, dude. Whoa.

And then there’s that whole rule about not falling in love, especially if it doesn’t pan out. How can I not fall in love? This house right here? TWICE THE SIZE of what we have now. And huge. And perfect. Did I mention huge? With a kitchen we can have more than one person in at a time with space and light and a yard that’s fenced on a cul de sac. It is, by far, my favorite house. I don’t know if I can leave it once we see it, and wait a month to move in. (And I haven’t even seen it yet. Good gracious…)

Picture me, waving from that porch. My minivan ‘o many kids in the driveway.

And this one? Kind-of makes me want to burst into song with the Sound of Music or something cheesy like that. For serious.

And this sunny yellow house? Bee-yoo-tee-full.

This one here has lush green lawns, a nice-sized yard, and makes me happy.

And OHMYGOSH, this one?? This one is a FIVE-BEDROOM with TWO MASTER BEDROOMS, a LOFT AND GAMEROOM. I may have fainted when I saw the listing.

Yesterday, hubs attending the transportation brief – our household goods get picked up for transport May 27th – exactly one month from today. And today, one month before our stuff gets packed onto a ginormous moving truck to take off to the house-we-haven’t-found-to-live-in-yet, we’re off on the adventure to find it, like a treasure hunt. And tomorrow we will see all of them, first-hand.

Tomorrow is going to be a big, big, BIG day. I am so nervous, and excited, and nauseous.

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