Upside Down and Back Again

The deal fell through.

The sellers took five freakin’ days to tell us there was no way they could be out until end of June.

I sort-of suspected as much. They fought us on even showing the house to begin with, I could tell from their cold, steely responses to my realtor that they may have listed the house, but they certainly weren’t motivated to sell it, or anything.

When we arrived that morning, the guy hung around for a second, lingering. I wish I could go back and shake him. Why waste our time? Why not include that with the listing? Why make us go through this whole mess, and waste so much time, time we do NOT have, and jump through hoops?

Lesson learned – do not fall in love with a house via the listing. The end results will be ug-ly.

However, on the flipside? Lesson learned – once you get fixated on a house-style, you find there are many more like it. Ones you weren’t even considering before, but are now, because your so-called “favorite” isn’t available anymore.

Like this beauty.

Remember, this house made me want to sing?

We admired the gorgeousness of this house in a walk-through when we visited. A couple-hundred square-feet less than the first, it had a familiarity to it – the design is quite similar to something we lived in before Louisiana. I immediately noticed that in walking in. Remind me to trust my gut from now on.

Keep thinking positively for us? We’re still battling quite a battle here, and the clock is ticking. Time is not on our side, and this house, albeit beautiful, has people living in it that may or may not be able to move this quick to oblige. The pressure is mounting, and we’re planning yet another trip this weekend to visit houses, or do an inspection of we get positive word of these sellers being more flexible than the last. Prayers and positive thoughts would go a long way. (and thank you!)

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