Let’s Play the “What’s Under Your End Table” Game, Shall We?

Picture me, sprawled out on the carpet between the living room/dining room area, watching Baby Dude play with his “chocolate sandwich” (Nutella), hugging and loving on him as he chomps and chews, when my head turns to a new view of the end table. The “under” part of the end table, usually unseen.

What. The. Crap? (Literally.)

So, in an effort to laugh at the hilarity of what I found, and to hopefully encourage you all to play along with me, here’s my laundry list of “Crap I Found Under My End Table.” You’re welcome.

Brilliantly amassed in our short two months we’ve lived here. My kids have skillz.

Let’s go through this sad list, shall we?

  • My daughter’s tie-belt. Explains why her pretty skirt has been baggy as of late. Gotcha.
  • Empty Capri-sun pouch (and subsequent straw wrapper): Bane of my EXISTENCE! They are EVERYWHERE! It’s called a garbage, kids, remember!? {snarls}
  • Stray cereal piece. Ew. And dammit, kids. 
  • Leftover food (vegetables). Double ew. And double dammit, kids. If you don’t want ’em, don’t stash ’em under the freakin’ end table!!
  • Ruler. Because that’s where you put your new school supplies – under the end table. Sigh.
  • Pencil. See above.
  • Bag ‘o pipe cleaners. I don’t even know where the rest of the craft stuff is (did we even unpack it yet!?) so, this one stumps me. 
  • Popped balloon from daughter’s birthday a couple weeks ago. So happy to see they stashed the remnants here. Keeping it for later? A memento, perhaps? 
  • Hair-tie. Does not surprise me. (See upcoming related post to the daily “Death by Hair-Ties” issue we have in the bathroom constantly)
  • Half a toothpick. This stumps me beyond belief. We don’t even OWN toothpicks!?!?

Needless to say, my kids are SO friggin’ fired.

Now, what’s under YOUR end table? Go, quickly find one in your house (could be anywhere) and take a picture, caption it (if you like), and come back here and link up in the comments so we can poke fun laugh along with you. It’s a humorous exercise in not taking this parenting business so seriously. And commiserating in this big, tough world of parenting. We are not alone.

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