Halloween Schmalloween. Today is Mom’s Freaking Day Off!

Today might be Halloween, but other than dressing up and trading candy, today shall henceforth be known as MOM’S FREAKING DAY OFF, YO!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were non-stop, mom’s-gotta-go-go-goooo kind-of days that make me pant in exhaustion just thinking about them. I tried to stop and take a belly bump pic, but honestly? I wasn’t feeling too photogenic. I didn’t even want to be out in public, barely able to slap a toothbrush on my teeth or dab some deodorant on my pits. I had to shell out six freakin’ bucks on a new tweezer the other day just to tame the amazon eyebrows I had going on, and dry shampoo was my new BFF.

But I did it, I survived our crazy five-kids-playing-soccer-and-homecoming weekend, as well as a full week without hubby. And even better news, he’s due home in four days! (Cue the harps and angels singing!)

This isn’t just the last week without hubby, though, it’s the last week of soccer. I have one more full week of ushering children to practices, quickly scurrying home to throw dinner together, only to return to pick them up, slap the remaining pieces of dinner together, serve, and somehow get the kids fed, bathed, chores done and in bed at a reasonable hour without falling asleep before they do.

Yes, I totally fell asleep before the older kids did on Saturday. I was nodding off at 8:30pm, but managed to stay awake long enough to put both toddlers to sleep and text my sister-in-law, but after I laid the kids in bed and it rounded the 9:15-9:30pm mark? All bets were off, this preggo’s body shut down, and I passed out like a drunken rock star on the couch, sitting up, spread eagle, droolin’ like a mo fo. It wasn’t pretty.

My older kids were wonderful, though – they put themselves to sleep on time. By the time my teenager called me from her friend’s house to tell me she was back from Homecoming, and safe, at 11pm, all lights were off, and snoring (other than mine) could be heard from upstairs. Only then did I shuffle my ridiculously tired body off to bed with the toddlers. It was safe, now. My oldest baby was at her friends, safe, while my five others were asleep, safe. Mom’s duty was done, yo.

Parenting solo with five kids in soccer and kiddie social lives is hard, man. But oh! So rewarding.

And naps? Naps are gifts from the Gods, and awesomely rewarding themselves. And after this weekend’s events and this upcoming week’s excitement, I can’t wait for one today. Today being my self-proclaimed FREAKING DAY OFF!


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