First Post. New Blog. Hold Me.

I, Lisa Douglas, did the unimaginable (for me) – I traded in my happy-go-lucky Blogger blog for a shiny new WordPress one, professionally designed (with artwork from moi), and I have to tell you, while the thought of learning this whooooole other platform scares the bejeebus out of me, I couldn’t be more thrilled. And intimidated.

mom-blogging-for-dummiesYou see, to get into the nitty-gritty of why I chose to make such a drastic move, particularly when I’m featured in a book¬†declaring me a long-time “Blogger-lover,” content to stay on that platform for-ev-er, it’s a long, drawn out, technical, Google-based story. To sum it up, my site wasn’t being recognized by Google, wasn’t searchable anymore, and it was dying, flailing about in the search engine, flopping like a fish struggling to survive on air, to be frank. Nothing I did on Blogger fixed this, either. My only recourse was to drop Blogger like a hot potato and start over.

My blog designer, Greg, did his best to stick with me through 1100+ posts, battling the codes and all the gobbledegook that comes from having four-plus years of someone’s chronicled life being transferred over. He fought valiantly, sleighing the dreaded migration beast. It wasn’t an easy task, being such a mammoth-sized blog and all, and I’m sure there are some hiccups that need remedying, still. But look at her, will you?

new header

new bio and search

new footer

I drew the doodles, the notepads, and small icons in the post. Greg, before battling my migration, masterfully designed¬†my logos, coupled with his coding genius, and got my ol’ blog to shine like a new penny, loading ridiculously quick, to boot. My talented artist friend, Robin, designed my signature in her one-of-a-kind handwriting. (I’ll be sharing with you the portrait she made for me once I receive it.)

If you are reading this via reader, email, or some other means other than visiting my site, I invite you to come take a look. Give ‘er a whirl.

What do you think?

(And please let me know if, at once, if you find a link that doesn’t work anymore, or something doesn’t look right. I am doing my best to pour over it one post at a time, but it’s going to take me a bit.)