When Birds Attack – {Video Proof the Bird on my Porch Hates Me}

I’ve spoken about our “pet” birdies on our porch before, sharing the images on Instagram about how cute they are, how excited the kids (and we) are about having front porch “pets.”

See the parent birds? Aren’t they so cute?

porch birdsSee the baby bird, how sweet he is, sleeping there?

porch baby birdSee those babies? Aren’t they adorable and teeny?

porch baby birdsWe’ve enjoyed waving at them, watching the parent birds feed the baby birds, seeing and hearing them every day, even through the closed front door. I haven’t particularly enjoyed sweeping up the birdy doo-doo from my porch everyday, but it’s still been exciting. I had no idea they were going to become territorial, particularly with me, though.

I kept hearing the bird fwoosh (my made-up word for this occurrence) reeeeally really close to my head every time I’m outside. Despite my repeated attempts at asking the kids if she seemed to be attacking me, every one of them said, “No.” Until earlier today. My oldest witnessed it, and laughed. “OH MY GOD, MOM! She really IS attacking you!”

Ya think!?!?!?! I KNOW WHAT I HEARD! I felt the fwoosh!

She came so close while I was sweeping earlier, I instinctively stuck my broom up to protect myself, almost beaning her with it. Now I feel like I have to carry the broom to protect myself while out there, because she just keeps getting closer and closer. One of these days I’m gonna experience a beak to the forehead. It won’t be pretty. :/

When the kids all got home from school, I showed them, much to their amazement, their mother wasn’t a lunatic as they once suspected. But as soon as my husband witnessed it for himself, he banished me to the porch and stood in my spot to see if they’d attack him, too. They won’t. It’s only me. So we switched places again, and FWOOSH, like I have a target on my forehead, she came a-divin’.

See for yourself. (First attack is around :39)

Is that not crazy or WHAT?!?!