Unique Handmade Mother’s Day Crafts

I am blown away by what my kids made me for Mother’s Day this year.

This is the front page of an “I Love Mom” books he made me – this flower is SO PRETTY and 3D, sticking up from the page. It looks like cupcake liners, except I think it’s actually bulletin board decorations made into a flower, I think? The flower’s center features a sticky version of my daughter’s yearbook photo.

Happy Mother's Day book craftInside the “I Love Mom” book it has this popular “fill-in-the-blank” page (I’m sure you’ve seen variations elsewhere). She loves me a “hole would!” lol

Happy Mother's Day fill-in craftMy fourth grader blew me out of the water with unexpected presents. I had NO idea they were conspiring to make some in class, the little sneaky-sneak! He made me a cute, laminated picture bookmark, shown below. He loves me because I “always cook for (him),” ha!

I Love You Because BookmarkAnd THIS! They colored on the candle, and I’m in the process of figuring out HOW so I can do it at home for myself! 😉 It says “I love you mama” with x’s and o’s and it smells like fresh linen. I LOOOOVE IT!

I Love You Mom drawn on scented candleMy daughter made me this popsicle stick ladder with a picture of her climbing her way to the moon because “she loves me to the moon and back,” OMG!

I love you to the moon and back Mother's Day craftAnd this words of wisdom book from the entire first grade was HILARIOUS!

Mother's Day bookEach child wrote two fill in sentences with pictures. My daughter thinks if kids are playing nicely, they should get “lots of candy and money.” Haha! (Nice try, Baby Sis.)

Mother's Day book insideShe also knows my love of notebooks and paper, and she made me a thumbprint notebook! She used her fingerprints to make butterflies, puppies, and flowers.

Mother's Day Fingerprint Notebook

Did you give or receive anything handmade for Mother’s Day? I’d love to know what your favorite homemade gifts have been, and links if you’ve got ’em! 🙂