Today Show

Mark your calendars! Guess who’s vlog will appear on NBC’s Today Show, during their Digital Moms series, which airs Monday and Tuesday *ahem* Me, that’s who. Yeah! My vlog will be in a segment about moms using technology to bring about change, and will be shown on Tuesday while they talk about Motrin and how […]

Thank you Motrin

Note: I took a day or two before posting this. I really needed to collect my thoughts and internalize it all a bit. In case you haven’t already heard, this image is what appears on Motrin’s website now, instead of the ad. It’s an apology, acknowledging our complaints about their ad. Thank you Kathy and […]

Motrin’s New Ad = Wrong Message, Wrong Time, Wrong All Around

During International Babywearing Week, of all weeks, Motrin decided to unveal their new ad calling babywearing ‘a good idea in theory’ and ‘in fashion’ as the reason moms do it. I suppose someone at Motrin felt it was a good idea, since it was a babywearing-targeted message, to unveil it this week. Someone obviously didn’t […]