MALEFICENT Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages

I’m a huge Angelina Jolie fan, and I seriously cannot wait to see her in MALEFICENT.¬†With it opening in theaters in a few short weeks, I’m hoping these fun activity sheets, coloring pages, and mazes will help keep my kids (um, and me) continually excited (and occupied, ahem) until it finally opens on May 30th! […]

Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted Printables and Activity Sheets

How excited are you for the new Muppets Most Wanted movie coming out soon? If you haven’t caught the trailer yet (or, you just like watching it again and again like I do), here it is! To help build excitement for the release of the movie on March 21st, (and to maybe help keep the […]

Love Letter to Your Child – Valentine’s Day Printable

Are you looking to do something special and unique for your child/ren this Valentine’s Day? Why not print this love letter to your child and fill it with lovely words and thoughts? What’s your favorite memory with your child? What did you think when you met your child for the first time? What’s your favorite […]

Disney’s Frozen Printables, Coloring Pages, and Storybook App

My family got the chance to see this movie last night at an advanced screening, and I cannot WAIT to post my review on release day! I tell ya, as soon as I saw this teaser trailer, it pretty much solidified my need and want to see this movie: Here’s the full trailer, just in […]

New School Year Celebration Printable for Nervous Jitters

Even if your child is well-seasoned in going off to school, whether they’re in fourth or twelfth, there’s bound to be some first day of school jitters. (I remember them well.) Will they like their teacher/s? Will school be much harder this year? Will their friends be in their classes? Even my outgoing fourth grader […]

Printable Holiday Savings Bank for Kids

Are your children excited about the upcoming holiday and looking to earn a little extra money to buy something for you or for someone they love? I think the holidays are a great time to teach children about saving money for things to buy, whether for themselves or for others. There’s a lot of spending […]