Steelers + Christmas Fun + Hot Cocoa = Magic

Steelers game on deck? Check.Jingle Jam holiday celebration on post? Check.Surprise hot cocoa and chicken nugget tater tot casserole* to warm us up after being in the cold weather? Chiggity check, yo. Donned in our Steelers best, we piled into the car to attend the “Jingle Jam” on post where FedEx “Trees for Troops” were […]

For the Love of the Game, or Just the Win?

I sit here at this blank screen, and I want to write about the blue sky that tented the sun today, like a smiling curtain over us as we played outside. I want to write about my daughter’s curls tickling my face as she laughed while I squeezed the skin of her knees, tickling her. […]

Best SuperBowl Commercials

Thought I’d share with you, post-celebration of the STEELERS WIN (woohoo!!!) a couple SuperBowl commercials that made me giggle. I’m sure there would’ve been more, but I wasn’t sitting watching the entire game, so I missed a lot, I know. Pepsi Max – I’m Good | Viral | Bridgestone – Jump Around (the Moon) […]

Our Big, Fat Steelers Family

It’s all about coordinating, people. Work with me here. If you’re going to cheer on your favorite team, you’ve gotta get ’em all involved. Every last one of ’em. First, there’s the cheerleaders, at the ready, with Dora and Boots in tow. Consider them reinforcements, if you will. Dora has a magical backpack of tricks […]