Our Big, Fat Steelers Family

by Lisa Douglas

It’s all about coordinating, people. Work with me here. If you’re going to cheer on your favorite team, you’ve gotta get ’em all involved. Every last one of ’em.

First, there’s the cheerleaders, at the ready, with Dora and Boots in tow. Consider them reinforcements, if you will. Dora has a magical backpack of tricks that might help Mike Tomlin if needed. Not pictured, Steelers pom-poms.
(Side note:can they look anymore identical?!)
Then ‘the boys’, game faces on, it’s ‘go’ time.

Terrible Towels? Check.
Steelers blanket? Check.
Steelers scarf? Check.
Steelers hat? Check.
Steelers baby bib? Check.
(You can’t tell, but hubby’s watch? Steelers. He’s even wearing Steeler’s socks, too.)
Our littlest Steeler, sans Steeler’s bib, who’s game face is always a happy smiley one, donning Troy Polamalu’s #43 jersey.
Heck, even big sister gets in on it, so long as it’s pink. Gotta represent as a girl, y’know, just in case a cute boy is watching.
Not pictured, me. Perhaps I’ll get one and add it to the mix. But only if you ask nicely in the comments 🙂

Are you ready for some football!!! We are! GO STEELERS!!

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