Ice Cream Birthday Waffle Sundae with Biscoff Spread and OREOs #EggoWaffleOff

I am a compensated Chief Waffle Officer for Eggo┬«. You want to celebrate each and every moment of your loved one’s birthday, right? They wake up, they get hugs and kisses and “Happy Birthday’s!” from everyone in the home (which, if you’re a part of our family, is a lot of people). When they head […]

Homemade Pop Tarts {Heart-Shaped}

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted create cute, heart-shaped homemade pop tarts for my kids, showing them the love from my heart through my kitchen. With my husband gone, and no real plans to celebrate, this became my way to celebrate with them – preparing them something special. I dusted off my old Pampered Chef heart-shaped […]