Illness Spawns Creativity – News at 11

by Lisa Douglas

It’s amazing how feeling sick can cause you to suddenly create things. You might think illness would staple you to the couch, heating pad and tea in cruise position B ready for launch. Or maybe not. At least not for me, mom is the caretaker, the one who has to wipe the noses and serve the ailing members of the family, even if she’s one of them herself. In all honesty, unless its serious, for me, it makes me have to hover in the kitchen area taking care of me and everyone else and coming up with new ways to do so. Take, for instance, wanting to make soup. One might decide to want chicken noodle (the epitome of illness foods) but instead, I want to create something different, something just as good but better. Enter in Chicken Tortilla Soup and a good homemade creamy Potato Soup for my sicklings:

Creamy Potato Soup on top, Chicken Tortilla Soup with Organic Cheddar and Utz Tortilla Chips on bottom

We had soups with grilled cheese, and enough for leftovers, thankfully. Soup is always good for the soul and the body when sick. Strangely, though, soup is usually a cold weather meal, and at the moment its 81 degrees. And its December 11th. The official first day of winter is like, what, over a week away? Here we are, my kids fighting getting sick, and the weather is playing games with us.

Nonetheless, amidst my sickosity, I’ve also been creating like a madman. Or woman. I’ve made a kitchen set for my mother for Christmas, with two oven mitts, two pot holders and two trivets. I’ve also made some eye pillows that need stuffing and some elastic, 4 pillows for my children made of feathery soft fabric in funky colors, and I’m currently making crayon totes for everyone, to include my children and my neice and two nephews. I decided to variate the crayon roll-up idea and make it into a tote that can hold a coloring book or two with the crayon holder in front. It’s shown here with my mom’s kitchen set:

I have yet to make the handles for it. Once it’s done, I will post another picture of the ‘finished product’. I’m an amateur at best, but having too much fun creating 🙂 I figure, at least I’m making good use of my sicky time, AND I’m getting into the spirit of the holidays by making prezzies for my loved ones 🙂

So, what have you all been doing to gear yourselves up for the holiday?

*Edit* Finished product below 🙂

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