Rethinkin’ Solid Foods

by Lisa Douglas

We delayed solids until she was ready. Even when we felt she was ready she faught us at first, so we took our time. She started solids at about 10 or so months old. She’s freshly one year old now, and I’m rethinking the whole thing. Gone are the days of the cute breastfed poo poos, easy to wash out of her cute diapers, sun if necessary, rinse repeat, etc. Oh no, she’s got the full-fledged, eye-watering, room-clearing, evacuate-or-get-the-gas-mask poos goin’ on ‘down there’ now. Yikes! And I’m the one left to clean ‘er up everyday, as she saves the most nasally repugnant ones for me, during the day, home alone with the two youngest munchkins. Even my 3 year old doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. You can smell her from a mile away. And she’s a wiggly one, not wanting to sit still, so you’re lucky to come out of it without making a mess. Argh!

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