Try To Feed A Family For Thanksgiving, Break My Computer

by Lisa Douglas

Well I could really use some prayers right now if you wouldn’t mind.

It seems, leaving my computer on last night to monitor emails, something happened to my computer and it won’t ‘turn over’ and boot. I was monitoring emails as I’d posted to Freecycle trying to find a family in need for Thanksgiving, as I have a big turkey and a box of trimmings and side dishes to donate. After spending most of the day trying to find a place or a family, calling the MPs, fire department, Red Cross, etc, ALL DAY LONG up until 10pm last night (heck I was even turned away at the local homeless shelter, they had enough food!!) I finally posted to Freecycle.

And this morning I went to respond and my screen garbled. Rebooted and it wouldn’t kick over. Sprayed compressed air thinking it was dust or something, and same thing. Nothing. Comes on but doesn’t boot, it just runs and runs and runs and nothing happens.

I am so upset. First my digital camera, now my computer. Two things we can’t afford to replace at all, let alone at present, let alone during the holidays.

And all I wanted to do was to feed a family in need.

It’s almost 2 years old, can’t believe it would break being so ‘young’, but I guess so. I have a contract on it at Best Buy, but there is no Best Buy here so I guess it does me no good.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, please keep me in your prayers and pray it isn’t broken. We really can’t afford to replace it, and without it I can’t write articles, do reviews, or anything I do that helps our family right now. Thanks everyone.

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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