Wishing For A Carbon Neutral Holiday

by Lisa Douglas

One Day from Brighter PlanetAs the holidays near, Brighter Planet is getting into the spirit of giving. Yesterday they launched the One Day campaign. They’re donating a day’s worth of our premium offsets to those willing to conserve during the holidays.

Because of my past help with their 350 Challenge, they have donated 136 pounds of offsets in my name, making me carbon neutral for a day! How awesome is that?

Here’s my certificate!

Cool huh?

They want me to help spread the word, so they allocated me 25 One Day gifts for me to divvy out to you.

Bonus: After claiming your One Day gift, you can pass it on to your friends, family and colleagues. All that’s asked in return is that you consider conserving during the holidays.

So, what’s one day worth?

The average American emits 136 pounds of carbon dioxide each day. About 36 pounds come from driving, flying, and other travel. Another 22 pounds come from heating, cooling, and powering our homes. The final 78 pounds come from producing, transporting, and disposing of all the stuff we buy, and from shared services like schools and street lights. 136 pounds would fill 5,000 balloons — imagine releasing that every day.

It is first come, first serve, so act fast! Please comment after you’ve clicked to let me know that you took part! And if I run out, please let me know in the comments, as whomever did take part will have email invites to pass out, and I can send you their way!


Have a safe, happy, and conservation-filled holiday!

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