Fun With Kids – Flying Children

by Lisa Douglas

Want an expensive way to entertain yourself and your children, that makes for some good blog fodder? Whip out your camera, and tell your kids to run or jump around and attempt to fly while you take a picture.

Put the straight jacket away, I’m totally serious here! Jeez!

I had entirely too much fun trying to capture my children mid-air, so that it would appear they were flying. You’ve got to try it, seriously! You remember the awesome flying picture from yesterday’s post:

flying super hero five-year-old
Here’s a few more fun ones for ya:

flying kidsfun with kids flying in sprinklerleaping in sprinklerleaping in sprinkler
This one makes me laugh. Hard! It looks like my son is about to crane kick my daughter {giggle} (he was actually behind her, but still, AWE-SOME!! haha)

funny crane kick sprinkler
And some trampoline fun, too

flying on trampolinetrampoline flyingfun flying on trampolineflying super hero on trampoline

You should try this, good camera or no! So long as the camera has the capacity to switch to a “sports” shot, or “action” shot. Try this, and let me tell you, you will giggle, your children will giggle, and it’ll be a great time all around. I promise!

Psst! Don’t forget to share it with me when you do!

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