A Hospital Kind of Birthday

by Lisa Douglas

That’s where I got to spend my son’s 5th birthday. Alone. Birthday boy-less. In the hospital. I had just finished sewing my son’s birthday present and this sharp pain happened in my side, and just after it happened, I felt a wave of fuzziness, like I was about to pass out yet my heart started pounding. Something was definitely wrong, and so I called out to my husband to call 9-1-1, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. For 8 hours. 8 friggin hours, 8 (or so) vials of blood, an X-ray, a CT-scan and all they can tell me is that I have a lot of calcification in my kidneys and they’re checking my blood for calcium levels because I may have a bad parathyroid. Fab-u-lous. I’m apparently one hot mess. And it had to happen on my son’s birthday. I was so angry that the first two hours were spent with me being ignored, because of the change of shift and the staff wanting to get the heck out of Dodge. But, the new staff was fabulous, I have to say. I am so thankful, because I was so scared going to that hospital that I was going to be mishandled and not taken seriously, and what if something happened to me, would they save me, and ohmygodIhave6kidsandahusbandwhoneedmeathome, you know? We are talking about this post aka “The Suck™”, but if only one thing is allowed to go right, here, thank goodness it’s the hospital. So now I’m left to wait for a new appointment this week with my doctor, for all these blood tests to be run, and to ascertain where this calcification came from, if from a bad parathyroid or not. And my son’s birthday? No worries. He still had his pizza party, just instead of at the restaurant, they had it at home. And he got to open a couple of his presents last night. But this morning? We sang and ate his special Flash birthday cake made by his dad, all-natural, too, with mashed strawberries for the red icing, and lemon rind icing for the yellow “bolt”. Besides, birthday cake for breakfast is tradition in our home when it’s someone’s birthday.

all-natural Flash super hero birthday cake 5-year-old birthday boy Flash birthday card with Flash birthday cake

And then it came time for mommy’s special gift for her super hero:

Super hero mask super hero wristlets

super hero cape set family checking out super hero outfit super hero outfit

super hero mask 5-year-old super hero musclessuper hero pose
I think my next task is to embroider a shirt to match his outfit. And capes for the other kids, cuz they want to be able to do this on the trampoline, too.

flying super hero
I think I’m forgiven for being away on his birthday, what do you think? PS: Directions are here onhow to make this super hero costume Never miss a post! Subscribe here for all kinds of crazy parenting fun!

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