birthday love note from hubby

Birthday Reflections

This hasn’t been the best week, cleansing out all the yuck from this anti-candida diet. I’ve said repeatedly to my husband and friends that I …

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tree sitting

Today, He’s Ten

I don’t know how we got here. To double-digits, just like that. I blinked, and my curly-haired, sweet-faced, wide-eyed boy suddenly is ten. I scoured …

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baby v is two

She’s Two.

Yesterday was February 28th. Today is March 1st. With a leap day baby born February 29th, somewhere, in the middle of yesterday and today, my …

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singing happy birthday


She wanted princesses and sprinkles. She was adamant about that. And so, with sparkly confetti, princess-colored pink and purple decorations and crepe paper, I went …

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blowing out the birthday candles


Just like that – in a blink – I closed-opened my eyes, and he’s fourteen. With gifts wrapped festively in Christmas wrap, a friend sleeping …

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