Birthday Reflections

by Lisa Douglas

This hasn’t been the best week, cleansing out all the yuck from this anti-candida diet. I’ve said repeatedly to my husband and friends that I didn’t even want to celebrate today. But then I woke up yesterday and today feeling… different. Head less foggier. Body less achier. A little sharper, still weak and starving but.. better. And I think I can take this experience (albeit, still in its infancy stage) and say that 38 is going to be just like that. Different, but better.

On every birthday, I wake up with a love note from my husband if he’s not here, no matter how early in the morning it is, he never fails me. Birthday notes from my husband will never get old, ever. He’s an old school romantic like that, which is all the more reason he’s perfect for me.

birthday love note from hubbyI reread all my birthday blog posts from the previous years, and the one in 2012 caught my eye the most. Baby V was still a tiny baby, and it perfectly encapsulates what today STILL feels like, so I wanted to share parts of it again, with edits:

I’ve lived thirty-eight years on this earth, and every time I see November 20th on a food expiration date, or advertised online, or written/typed anywhere, I revert back to being a kid again to proclaim (if only in my head) “Hey! That’s MY birthday!” (Do you do that, too?)

I still can’t believe I’m not a kid anymore. Sometimes I’ll be sitting on the floor of my living room, or on the soccer sidelines, and it’ll hit me, HOLY CRAP! I’m not a kid! I’m a mom. I have kids of my own… SEVEN kids to be exact. And I’m married! I’m not nine-years-old with my crazy helmet perm listening to Cyndi Lauper, riding bikes, and playing Space Invaders at the arcade anymore.

Birthdays as a child were so magical, weren’t they? You’d walk around a little straighter, perhaps attempting to be taller, because, after all, you WERE a year older, surely you must’ve grown overnight!

Today, after waking up feeling better than I have in the past week, I found myself standing taller in the mirror, if only to investigate my newly 38-year-old body. I suddenly reverted to my kid self, giggling in wonderment at my reflection reflecting a year older “me.”

My kids do this, too – they walk around taller on the day of their birthday. “Mom! I’m a whole year older now, did I get taller, too?” Especially Baby Dude. He’d just turned 6 but swore he was “almost 7” and taller just for going up a year in age. Calm down, kids. Calm down. If I could reverse time and go back to being your age, I would.

But since I can’t go back, even if only for a minute, I’ll do my best to enjoy seeing those ages through their eyes during this 38th year on earth. That’s my wish for today (and everyday) – to enjoy every single day looking at it through their childlike eyes, and feeling like I’m a kid again.

It’s always been an aim here at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to focus on the good and the fun, no matter WHAT happens to our big family – savoring every humorous, joyful moment that our life brings. I hope to bring more of those stories to the surface in the coming weeks and months.

I’m hoping to make this year the best ever yet. Until then, I wanted to share one of my favorite Toy Story Toons with you – Party Saurus Rex. It just appeared on the Disney Channel and it never fails to make me smile, I hope it does the same for you!

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