Shaklee Basic H2 Review

by Lisa Douglas

I have to confess to you something. I lurve me some Shaklee. So much so I used to sell it (don’t anymore). That is how much I love it. I still order when I need something, my children take their vitamins religiously, as do I.

But my favorite product of theirs, hands down, is their Basic H2. I bought this bottle January 2007. Did you read that? I *bought* the product for this review two years ago. This is not a review of something given to me. This is a bottle of Shaklee Basic H2 that I’ve been using since January 2007. Wanna know what?

I’m still using the same bottle.

This is the size of the bottle if you order the 16 oz. This is what mine looked like when I first purchased it, or a month or so after getting it. (I took this for my own record).

This is next to my toaster oven. Not a small bottle by any means! It’s super concentrated, too, which means only a couple drops per 16 oz bottle of water for windows, and a few more drops for your countertops and general cleaning needs.

With this, a little goes a long way.

Do you know I use this instead of carpet cleaning solution? It gets our carpets SO clean, and soft, and no chemicals for baby dude to be crawling all over. No smell, either.

Do you know I also use this to wash our cars? It gets all kinds-of foamy for the kids, and works great at getting the dirt off.

This thing is hands down, an all-in-one cleaner, and proves to you why it’s one of my favorites.

Do you want me to freak you out a little bit? It’s what, May 2nd 2009 now, yes? That’s 28 months since I purchased that bottle, right? I use this diluted everday, for my kitchen mostly, my bathrooms once or twice a week, the carpets once a month or more, the car every week. Each time I need more, I take this concentrated bottle out, fill up the spray bottle, drop a few (or more) drops in for whatever I need, and I’m good.

Want to see what it looks like now, 28 months later?

That is how much I’ve used in 28 months. {ahem}

That’s it. Want to talk about saving money, going green, better for the environment. There’s one way to go right there. How much does your store-bought cleaner cost you? What about a cleaner for the bathroom, a cleaner for the kitchen, the window cleaner, the car wash stuff, the carpet cleaning stuff, etc. Add all of that up, and you’re looking at major savings!

Is it really any surprise that Shaklee’s Basic H2 get’s my “Crazy Family of 8” Seal of Approval?

Win It! – CLOSED

One winner will receive a 16oz bottle of Shaklee’s Basic H2!

To enter, comment here and tell me what cleaners you’re currently using at the moment, and approximately how much it costs you to get them when you need them (the cost per bottle/box, etc. All combined). I think it might amaze you when you put it down here in the comments, and that number is staring back at you, and begin calculating in your head how much you might save in a year, let alone however long it’ll take you to get to the bottom of the bottle (28 months and still going strong!)

For extra entries (each entry is 1 entry, and each must be commented separately):

**It ‘pays’ to stay connected to me and my blog, as it earns you automatic entries into all of my contests! (Plus, my kids are cute. And funny, and you might like me if you get to know me a little) {giggle}

Winner will be chosen using Contest ends Sunday, May 31st, at 10pm CST

*Edit* Winner is #9
Blogger Heathersaid…

I couldn’t even begin to hink how much everything would cost. I use toilet bowl cleaner, rubbing alcohol, cleanser, tile cleaner, carpet cleaner, dish soap, etc. etc.

May 2, 2009 10:55 AM

Congrats Heather from But I Don’t Want To Be A Cowboy!

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