Laundry Ball System Review

by Lisa Douglas

Today we’re celebrating MomDot’s big birthday celebration for Trisha, and I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite organic and all-natural product choices, and give some away, too. I hope you don’t mind at all, or anything 🙂

(NOTE: There are 3 total giveaways here, be sure to visit all 3!)

I gotta level with you here. I feel like I do laundry all. stinkin. day. No joke. I have six kids, and well, I guess I kind of do! I have to do at least 2 loads a day or it piles up.

If there is anything that can make this process easier on me, I am willing to try it!

I was super-de-duper lucky to be given a Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System to try, and as soon as it arrived, I popped those suckers in there. (This momma doesn’t waste any time).
Okay, well, before I popped them in I read the box. Interested stuff, how this whole thing works.
Did you read that?

“The water does the cleaning.”
“No detergent needed.”
“No fabric softeners or sheets needed.”

You’ve got to admit, whether regular detergent, organic, or dye-free, detergents are expensive. And with this Wonder Ball, you don’t need detergent! And it lasts for THREE YEARS.

Hello money saver, I think I love you.

Even better, I found this little tidbit on the website about the Wonder Ball:

Once all the layers of old detergents / softeners get out of your clothes, most stains will not be a problem. It may take several washings to get out all these layers. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Ms. Gunderson (the creator) dilutes hair shampoo for ring around the collar and personal stains. For kitchen & outside stains, she uses diluted dish soap.

Whoa, now that’s what I call AWE-SOME! So, NOW it’s about the time I threw these babies in my appliances…
..and let them do their thing..
.. and I’ve been able to do laundry quicker. My drying time was reduced IMMENSELY. As in, instead of taking three runs of the dryer, it takes maybe two. TWO! That’s kind of a big deal for me, being a mom to six, not to mention the big deal on my soon-to-be energy bill (don’t get me started on that topic, k?)

Another thing? No static. No dryer sheets needed to attain that, either. And they come out kinda poofie, like they were fluffed the entire time. And from what I’m learning about them, that’s kind of what these dryer balls do, they poof your clothes, spacing them out to allow the heat to get at them, separating them.

I don’t know how, or what causes them to work, I just know they do, and that these are going to pay off SO BIG when it comes to:

  • saving money by buying less, if any, laundry detergent, since the ball lasts 3 years
  • saving money on energy by running the dryer less time
  • saving money on not having to buy dryer sheets to get the clothes static-free and soft

I can honestly tell you that I’m getting a set of these for every family member. We’re always getting our family’s “green” items, like low-flow shower heads, CFL light bulbs, green cleaners, and more. This is only getting added to that have-to-buy list for our families.

Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System very enthusiastically gets our “Crazy Family of 8” Seal of Approval, without a doubt. If I had an even higher award to issue, I would. That’s how much I am loving these.

Speaking of awards, the creator, Fern Gunderson, received the Professional of the Year Award in Natural Products Design and Manufacturing. Congrats to you, Fern! You deserve every success coming to you, for such an amazing product!

Win It! – CLOSED

One winner will receive the Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System! Yeah!

To enter, comment here and tell me what detergent, fabric softener, sheets, etc., you’re currently using, and approximately how much it costs you to get them when you need them (the cost per bottle/box, etc. All combined). I think it might amaze you when you put it down here in the comments, and that number is staring back at you, and begin calculating in your head how much you might save in a year, let alone THREE years with the laundry ball!

For extra entries (each entry is 1 entry, and each must be commented separately):

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Winner will be chosen using Contest ends Sunday, May 31st, at 10pm CST

*Edit* Winner is #72
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