Every year we go out and buy some flimsy inflatable pool for our backyard.

Every. Friggin. Year.

Usually, we get the same pool and something inevitably happens to it.

Every. Friggin. Year.

(Never said we were smart.) So here we are again, getting hot, we need a pool. There we were, in the pool aisle, perusing the veritable choices for our backyard water activities this year, and lo and behold, there’s our pool. Not again, not this year, pal. Once bitten, twice shy, three and four times? We’re idiots. I won’t lie.

There, next to it, is a kidney shaped one, similar, a tad smaller, $10CHEAPERHELLOILOVEYOU so we get that one. Plus, it’s made from a different company, so we figure, it’s gotta last longer. Or maybe not suck as bad. Or something.

Next to this over-abundance of pools are some cute, animal shaped puddles pools for kids. Okay, I kid, while they’re not deep, they’re not exactly small. We ended up getting the whale shaped one that you can hook up the hose to squirt the kids while they splash in a cute, not-so-deep wading pool, to keep cool. Seems awesome, right?

Oh. My. Goodness.

My kids love the whale so. super. much! Who knew? (Well, except my oldest, who’s too cool to play with us in the pools, so she was hanging out with friends).

By the way, can you tell in this picture who’s got mom’s Italian skin, and who’s got dad’s pasty white Scottish skin? *cough*loveyouhoney*cough*

infant and toddler playing in the pool
Mr. Pasty White himself, lookin’ mighty fine with that red beard comin’ in…

dad and daughter playing in the pool
My ham, who always seems to have that tongue out. It’s not easy getting good pictures of her.

toddler sticking her tongue out
This may seem like a sweet photo of my two older boys, but I guarantee you, this was the “Oh crap, mom’s looking, better not rough him up too bad” look, ‘cuz they were wrestling.

brothers on trampoline
So I ask “Hey, show me your Dora baby-suit” (as she calls it). And this is the look I got in return. (Hey, at least the tongue wasn’t out!) So, there’s that…

toddler with dora bathing suit
My son who is still trying to get the perfect flying children picture for me. Ah, my little perfectionist. Or, he’s trying to master his stage-diving technique. Not sure. Meanwhile, you see my daughter rockin’ out all by herself in her own little flowery concert, alone, back there. Someone, for the love of whatever you consider holy, please tell me why is it, at this age, they think making these hand gestures make them look cool? (Note to self: must make another post of all the pictures they keep ruining by doing these.)

flying children on trampoline
And my baby dude. Oh, let me tell you how much my baby dude loves him some water…

baby splashing in poolbaby in pool
baby in poolbaby in pool

Can you not just eat up those baby fat rolls?

infant in pool
Eat him up with a spoon, you say? Yeah, I thought so…

infant fun in pool
Wait. What? Do you see what I see? (other than a funny face he’s making)

baby funny face
Look closer!

baby's first tooth
Yup, baby dude got his first tooth, what we lovingly refer to at this stage called “toofers”. (And mommy inadvertently got a picture of it. Way to go me and my awesome camera!)

Pictures of good, old fashioned family fun. Now pardon me while I go curl up into a ball and cry while rocking back and forth in a corner, because my youngest and last child just got his first tooth. Despite how hard I try, and how much I joke about raising my kids, it isn’t.easy.at.all seeing them grow up. They’re just gettin’ too big…

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