We went to the pool this week. Every day. We’re hoping to move to the housing area that has this pool here on post (which would be SWEET, to walk to this pool every time we want to!) But for now, we’ll just have to live with driving the whopping three minutes it takes us to go a few streets down, isn’t that HORRIBLE? {giggle} I am so thankful the pool is that close, it’s gonna be a hot one this summer, I bet, and closer means easier. Easier for me with 6 kids by myself? Hea-ven! (sing that in a sing-songy tone to get the full effect)

But first, before I share the refreshing pool pictures, let me show you pictures of my oldest, who is such a social-butterfly she’s never around anymore, let alone when the camera is snapping, so I forced her in front of the lens and delayed her socialite status for 15 minutes gave her the baby so I could get her in on the photo-action, too.

Big sister nibbles, ‘cuz baby brothers are the yummiest..

Big sister, little brother kiss
Is it me or do they look like a four-headed monster like this? Ha! Not to mention, baby dude has big sissy’s hair BUT GOOD doesn’t he? 😉

Four-headed children monster
And now for the pool pics – middle sissy gettin’ in on the baby brother-lovin’…

Snuggle siblings
The umbrella-watery-thingy feels SO good. I often sit under it and let it pound on my back, massaging the stresses out of my shoulders..

9-year-old pool fun
Then there’s these fun water jet thingies my kids can’t get enough of. You sit on one and it makes the others flow faster.

4-year-old sprinkler pool fun
Yup, just like mom, lovin’ the umbrella-thingamabob, too….

8-year-old pool fun
Had to attempt to snap this – the big pool behind his little body. That sun felt WONDERFUL!

Big pool, small baby
Handsome hubby looking much more so of a redhead with his red beard in the sun with the blue sky behind him..

Handsome husband
Ha, my four five-year old’s crazy hair moment after I towel-dried his hair. (Oh my, he’s five. Not four, momma. Five. *sigh*)

5-year-old crazy hair pool fun
Baby dude. *squish*

infant pool fun
My favoritist shot.

Toddler hide and seek at pool
I was really experimenting. I loved the light behind him with the shadow underneath.

infant crawling shadows at pool
My poor baby dude was cold, so I brought him out, wrapped him up, and laid him with me, but couldn’t resist taking his picture on the big chair, yet I was too afraid to walk away from him to take it, though. {giggle}

infant wrapped in towel on chair

Summer is here, we’re finally almost mended here with illness at home, and of course, my husband’s vacation time is about to come to a close. This summer is going to be a long and difficult one, but for now? I’m going to enjoy the sun, enjoy the water, and enjoy my children, hoping to keep the difficult at bay a little while longer.

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