Toddler Photo Fun

by Lisa Douglas

Mark the calendar! My two-year-old’s ornery days are numbered. No more tantrums, no more talking back or the ‘terrible-twos’, nuh uh. No more, sister.

Unless she wants to be ridiculously embarrassed in front of her future-boyfriends, she’d better just start being a sweetheart all the time, now, ‘cuz momma has her some prime time BRIBERY material now!

Uh yeah, the skirt’s supposed to be worn DOWN, baby girl.

Hey, this picture gives me an idea! Maybe I should start a parenting “You’re Doing It Wrong” kind of meme? Whatcha think? With funny pictures of our families doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Kind of like the Doing It Wrong website, ‘cept parenting-style. You game?

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