Help Me Choose A New Hairstyle?

by Lisa Douglas

This Instyle hair makeover doohickey was ridiculously fun. And by ridiculously fun, I mean, once I got over the boring and mundane task of sketching out the placement for my eyes and mouth. Oh. My. Gaw. that was annoying! Once that was done, with a click, I could try on any famous woman’s hair.

And that, my friends, was awesomer than awesome. So SO MUCH better than my last attempt at morphing my head into hair styles. That David Lee Roth ‘do still gives me nightmares. {shudder}

You see, I’m getting really tired of putting my hair up into a bun or a pony-tail. It’s my mom-like, go-to hair do. Nuh uh. BlogHer is a month away (OMGAMONTHAWAY) and my hair is screaming at me to do something with it.

So, hopefully, with your help and expert mom opinions, we can get to the bottom of…


{cue dramatic theme mysterious song music}

Okay, maybe it isn’t quite that mysterious, or great. Or anything. *cough*

Here’s me, normal ‘n stuff.

Normal Lisa

Here are my “makeovers” a la celebrity heads. Don’t mind the extra hair laying on my shirt, or anything. Apparently, I couldn’t crop that out, so it’s there. Deal with it.

What do you think of these?

  1. Jennifer Lopez – color, not so much. Hair style? I could do it.. couldn’t I?
    Lisa with Jennifer Lopez's hair
  2. Jennifer Hudson – I really REALLY like this, but.. could I really go through with this?
    Lisa with Jennifer Hudson's hair
  3. Jennifer Aniston – I have modelled my hair cuts like her for YEARS, ever since her Friends days. While I love the way my hair looks with cuts similar to hers, I’m thinkin’ maybe I need something different, finally?? I don’t know. LOVE her cuts, though.
    Lisa with Jennifer Aniston's hair
  4. Jennifer Aniston part deux. Damn I love her hair! And even this color blonde isn’t bad on me, either!
    Lisa with Jennifer Aniston's hair again
  5. Heidi Klum
    Lisa with Heidi Klum's hair
  6. Rihanna
    Lisa with Rihanna's hair
  7. Nicole Kidman (just for hubby, because this is as blonde as I could go AND still look semi-decent)
    Lisa with Nicole Kidman's hair
  8. Sandra Bullock – the bangs .. OH the bangs! I haven’t had since sophomore year in High School!
    Lisa with Sandra Bullock's hair
  9. Ashanti – even the highlight would look good on me, huh?
    Lisa with Ashanti's hair
  10. Anne Hathaway – Oh goodness, I am loving this one, guys. What do you think??
    Lisa with Anne Hathaway's hair
  11. Jessica Biel – not diggin’ on the fakey color, though.
    lisa with Jessica Biel's hair
  12. Halle Berry
    Lisa with Halle Berry's hair
  13. Michelle Obama – I could totally rock the First Lady’s hair!
    Lisa with Michelle Obama's hair
  14. Katie Holmes– rawr kids. Raw-to-the-R
    Lisa with Katie Holmes' hair
  15. Ashlee Simpson – I have never wanted to go red ever. But OMG the cute. Total rock star!
    Lisa with Ashlee Simpson's hair

So what do you think?? Which one do you like, or do you like more than one? Can you help me pick, pretty please??

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