I Cut My Hair (Again). And It’s Short(er).

by Lisa Douglas

Yup, I went and got it fixed. And found the greatest hair-stylist. I big puffy heart her so much! I want to put her in my pocket and carry her with me every post we ever get moved to, thankyouverymuch Hair Gods for allowing me to find her! AND they do pedicures there. AND they have a massage therapist there. (I’m feeling light-headed from this fabulous turn of events. Oh wait, it’s just less hair on my head.)


So, would you like to see what I did now? Or should I say, what the new, very nice, not-so-botched-hair-happy stylist did to my stressed tresses?? Lookie!

New hair do
New hair doDo you not agree with me, that this is MUCH MUCH better? Cuz I think so. Totally!

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