Extreme Makeover: Teenage Bedroom Edition, Birthday-Style

by Lisa Douglas

The mission – ambushing our teenager’s room for a remodel we lovingly titled Operation Extreme Bedroom Makeover for her birthday. You see, as she’s gotten older, her tastes have outgrown her pre-teen decorated room. She used to be all about bright, neon colors (I swear, she made me blind sometimes!) Now, however, she wanted something more sophisticated, something more grown-up and teenager-y. So, to ambush her room we sent her out with her friends for a few hours. While she was gone, we ransacked reorganized her room, threw junk in boxes cleaned up a bit and put together her new decor and bedding.

I am completely in love with what we decided to do. I love how it is classy, modern, and unique. I even loved the fact that I was able to sneak a surprised picture of her by hiding in the corner of her room! There I sat, anxiously sitting on her chair in the corner, just to snap a picture when she walked in. As I’m sure you can imagine, she was all kinds-of shocked. She had no idea her friends were in on the surprise, too. {evil grin}

What do you think?

Teen Bedroom Before RedesignTeen Bedroom Before Redesign

Teen Bedroom Redesign AfterTeen Bedroom Redesign After

Teen Bedroom Redesign AfterI love the natural, modern feeling of the bedding set. The pillows were a mishmash from Target and Bed Bath and Beyond (where we also found the sheet set). The curtains, lamp, flowers, frames, pictures and mirror were all purchased from Walmart locally. (The posters, she of course, already had, along with the disco ball, in all it’s mirror-y awesome-y goodness).

Here she is, our ambushed and surprised newly fourteen-year-old birthday girl. Geez, where does the time go?

Ambushed Birthday Girl(Design side-note: Yes, I realize the picture frames are picture-less. Part of her birthday present is me taking pictures with her friends sleeping over tonight and getting them printed for her frames. Cool, huh?)

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