Adventures in Flying (By the Seat of Ones Pants)

by Lisa Douglas

I’m a rebel. Sometimes I realize I’ve forgot to buckle my seatbelt while flying. I know, I know, how could I? I have a fricking infant strapped on my lap, that’s how.

He was good, mind you. But four flights in 24 hours? Whoa. Like, whoa whoa.

I was afraid I wasn’t gonna workout while away. Ha. HA! Um, navigating the airports with baby dude and stroller and uber-heavy laptop and camera bag and purse and… BREATHE.

And what the heck.. why is every flight attendant sound like a radio announcer? Really, do they go through a special kind of training or something?

By the way, Delta? You totally rock out loud for showing How I Met Your Mother in flight. *respect knuckles*

And Expedia? You’re still a douche.

But Robin Miller? She totally rocked my socks at the Ninja Launch in NYC.

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