What’s Wrong With This Picture?

by Lisa Douglas

My son drew me a picture of our family. He then hung said picture up on the fridge.

Notice anything odd about it? (Other than a ridiculous amount of magnets used?)

Fridge Drawing

Nothing odd at all?

It’s over the opening to both the fridge and freezer.

Close-up of Fridge Drawing

I noticed it immediately, giggled, took a picture, giggled some more. Of course I thanked him for hanging such a beautiful picture up for me. But I never got to show him what he’d done wrong, as, with six children, something called me away that very minute, and off I went.

Several minutes later, I went to make a cup of coffee. (You can see where this is going, can’t you?) I grabbed the fridge door, yanked, and WHAM, magnets exploded in all directions, his drawing flying through the air, landing on the floor.

Fridge Drawing on the Floor
My son broke Mommy Rule #5, which leads me to also create a new Mommy Rule, effective immediately:

10. Don’t distract mommy from tasks at hand, she has a terminal case of C.R.S. Syndrome (Can’t Remember uh, Stuff)

Is it any wonder how badly I needed that coffee?

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