Kindergarten Chore Fail

by Lisa Douglas

We’ve attempted to keep the peace (and by peace I mean, cleanliness and a non-spazzy, overworked mother at bay), we created a chore chart. Our lovely chore chart with only a few, key items per four older children, including our kindergartner, flexing his big-boy muscles and wanting to partake in it, too.

chore chart
But we made one fatal error. We gave him the wrong job. We thought to ourselves, straightening up shoes would be a perfect, not-too-difficult job for him. Why not?

Little did we know.

He labeled them.

With red rollerball pen.


chore fail
Yup, mine, hubby’s, his (oh my goodness, his were the worst!), his older brothers and his younger sisters all had his kindergarten scrawl.

chore fail
We’re thankful he didn’t know how to spell our toddler’s name, so she merely received her first initial (lucky her). Unfortunately for us, it was on the leather, and wouldn’t come off. {cries}

chore fail
We asked him “Why would you do such a thing?”

His reply? “So you won’t forget who’s shoe is whose.”

{face palm}

It’s a good thing he’s cute, lemme tell ya….

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