Going Gray

Today Can Suck It

Have you ever had a day that began with burning the roof of your mouth accidentally on a warmed cinnamon roll, skinning the roof of …

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junior prom

Prom Pictures (ZOMG!)

I can’t believe I have a daughter old enough to not only attend prom, but old enough to look like this: Kind-of blows my mind, …

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Army Wife Freaks Out, Film at 11

Today is a finger-wringing, nervous-stomach, lip-biting, neck-jingling kind-of day. I woke up to this love note from my husband: Bird = airplane. My husband jumps …

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Kindergarten Chore Fail

We’ve attempted to keep the peace (and by peace I mean, cleanliness and a non-spazzy, overworked mother at bay), we created a chore chart. Our …

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