Inadequate is an Understatement #BRESMA

by Lisa Douglas

It was one of those days where my babies and I played and played, and then I cleaned and re-cleaned. The messes arrived and disappeared, the plates grew and food eaten or refused, as usual. Nothing was really out of the ordinary or out of sorts, except me.

I felt wrong.

My children have the luxury of sitting here, shielded by the elements, free to choose not to eat our Asian-inspired dinner, and there are those in need, those who had a house that now lies in shambles around them, currently sheltered under tents, hoping for help.

I feel like life shouldn’t be going on as normal right now, that the world should halt and pick up and do SOMETHING collectively. That *I* should be doing something, doing more than I am. Donating money just doesn’t seem to be enough to me. I feel I should be boxing up clothing, fixing care packages, baking food, sending water, contacting companies to send help.

As if the devastation in Haiti wasn’t enough as a whole, I then learned of the BRESMA orphanage, and of the two Pittsburgh women living amongst a flock of their orphan-children, all homeless in the yard where the orphanage once stood, currently in limbo, unwilling to abandon them, all desperately in need of food, water, and a way out.

Looking at my happy, plump, and playful babies, I realize I am so thankful and fortunate, and yet, so worried at the same time for these Haiti babies big and small. They need help, and while Haiti itself is getting help, it isn’t getting to them.

I sat immediately and furiously typed away, tweeting and re-tweeting messages getting the word out. I then took the fury behind those fingers and put it to good work emailing senators and congressmen about the issues surrounding citizenship, asylum, refugee-status, just to get these almost-adopted kids home.

But it isn’t getting food and water into their empty bellies this very second. And despite all my work and desire to help, I still feel it isn’t enough. It isn’t a pallet arriving right.this.very.second with the provisions they so desperately need. I can feel my soul turned inside out, weeping.

And I don’t know what else to do. But pray, and wait. And hope.

To follow the progress made in aiding Jamie, Ali and the children at the BRESMA orphanage, follow the hashtag #BRESMA on twitter for frequent updates.

OMG *edit* 9:59pm CST US Government is allowing the children to enter the US. Literally as I hit enter to this post. Wow.

CNN picked up the story here. So did ABCNews. Also, Dooce mentioned it in her blog post, too (Thanks Heather!)

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