Unicorns and Rainbows

by Lisa Douglas

I have many weapons in my stress-killing arsenal that have been put to the test these past couple weeks with my husband away. Yesterday, however, I took them all at once. It was that kind of day, friends. And do you know what happened?

Unicorns and rainbows happened. Like, eleventy-billion of ’em. It was frickin’ raining ’em for crying out loud. Sunshine and happy times.

I know you hear/read me say that a lot. It’s true, though. The unmedicated calm you feel from these wonderful homeopathic remedies makes you want to play with unicorns under rainbows, but this combo, my friends, was semi-college, fun-time, happy-inducing kind of unicorns and rainbows that I, Lisa Douglas, am very happy to report Did. The. Trick. And. Thensome, thankyouverymuch.

Right now, I am that “Yes Dear!” mom when my child asks if they can have ice cream for dinner. The “Absolutely!” mom when a kid asks if markers are okay for baby brothers to play with. So, it works, friends. No diet-ruining chocolate, or vodka, just homeopathic remedies and WHAM, mom can cope once more.

Quick, go get a pencil, and write these three products down:

  1. Hyland’s Nerve Tonic (available at Walmart and GNC)
  2. Peace and Calming Essential Oil from Young Living
  3. Bach Rescue Remedy (sold at GNC)

Taking any of these on their own is usually good enough to bring the one-horned horses, but all three? Weee, it’s happy time. Tres reminiscent of sucking cough-syrup through a straw. Weee!

Unicorns and rainbows, people. Carry on.

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