by Lisa Douglas
Construct [v. kuhn-struhkt; n. kon-struhkt] Verb: to build or form by putting together parts; frame; devise. Geometry- to draw (a figure) fulfilling certain given conditions. Noun: something constructed. an image, idea, or theory, esp. a complex one formed from a number of simpler elements.

I’ve had quite a lot of things being constructed around me as of late – ideas constructed to redo my house. Constructing things in my home, constructing solutions to problems.

Then, there’s these beasts we brought home from the thrift store to refinish.

(Why did I think this would be an easy task?)

They are now on my back porch, in all their 1960s glory (we guesstimate, we found old letters stuck behind the drawers from then). We spent today stripping two thick, ancient coats of paint off of them (the mustard yellow you see and a white coat underneath). It’s no where near as easy as we I thought it was going to be, but oh so cathartic to get dirty to create something special. The anticipation of the finish product makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I can’t wait!

And then there was this art project I absolutely had to construct. I had the perfect frame for it, one that I rescued from my neighbors trash (gasp!). It was such a gorgeous frame, but I had nothing big enough to go in it, until now.

All hand-cut, hand-written, with crinkle scissors to give it flair and lots of sketching to get each individual font just right. Imperfect, yet absolutely perfect. I used tape, Glue Dots and wrenched my aching back and neck over it all day. A lot of love and concentration went into making this, but it feels remarkably awesome to have poured myself into creating something again, constructing these things to better our home. I can’t wait until I repair the piano wire on the back of the frame so we can hang it on the dining room wall (it split the second we tried to hang it. Damn.)

Last (but not least), I’m not just constructing at home, but in the bloggy-world, too. Constructive Playthings has asked me and eleven other bloggers to become the new Constructive Playthings Moms: I, along with Lee, Allie, Karen, Keri, Melissa, Dwan, Jody, Tenille, Gina, Bridgette, and Kimberly, will be reviewing and hosting some spectacular toy giveaways in the coming months. I hope you’ll check it out, I’m excited to work with these wonderful ladies!

Now, if you don’t mind, I see a hot bath in my future to scrub off today’s sweat from a hard day’s work. Back at it again tomorrow. Whew!

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