How To Fix Your Saggy Couch aka Fix Your Lumpy Butt (while sitting on it, anyway)

by Lisa Douglas

Today’s project was to fix my couches. I love my couch set, but they are practically overloved because their cushions? Were totally bustin’ a major sag. See?


No amount of fluffing would help them for long, either. I had tried (unsuccessfully) before to use simple pillow puff padding to fix them, but, as you can see, it didn’t help in the least. These couches aren’t that old, either. These are definitely not going to go anywhere, but they were in desperate need of some fluff-lovin’.

Earlier, while surveying the craft aisles at Walmart today for a fix, the only option I saw at first was this foam padding (presumably to make cushions??) for $14.96 a roll, but I wasn’t too sure would be enough for all five cushions, nor did I think it would be thick enough (looked good enough for seat covers, or something, maybe). I wanted these babies stuffed nicely, so I was on the fence about this foam stuff. Then, I had a lightning bolt of an idea – what if I used a good, old fashioned egg crate mattress topper, cut it up, and squished it in? Wa-la, fixed, right? But wait, can’t sign off on the idea until I know if it’s an economical one – can’t having it cost me eleventy-gajillion dollars.

Survey says… $30 for the queen size, woohoo! Do you know what else is awesome about this option? I knew the queen size egg crate would not only be enough for all five cushions (and thensome), as opposed to paying $14.96 for something that may or may not fit, it was also twice as thick as the foam in the craft aisle! Yes!

{Insert a dancing Lisa, skipping her way to the minivan here}

{Okay, maybe not. But I was happy}

So, for a $30 investment, and about a half-hour of my time cutting and stuffing egg crates into my couch cushions…

my couches went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

Whoa! Amazing, huh? Here’s my large couch “after”:

Yay! So happy! They look brand-spankin’ new, don’t they? (Say yes!) Like I said before, I’ve only just begun 🙂

(P.S. Did you see what I did for my daughter’s costumes?)

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